What we do

Newcastle GP Services (NGPS) is the GP federation for Newcastle-upon-Tyne. We are a member organisation for 28 out of the 31 general practices in Newcastle and have working arrangements with every practice and primary care network in the city. We support them to provide excellent clinical care and a positive patient experience.

NGPS are a skilled team of non-clinicians and clinicians with significant experience working in healthcare. Our role is to help practices work at scale across Newcastle, providing targeted and effective patient care and innovative methods of working to improve quality and efficiency.

We bid for and manage citywide and at scale contracts to improve patient care and deliver cost savings to our member practices. We work with 100s of partners and providers including Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, VOCARE and North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. Our work also includes partnerships with the public sector, charities and the voluntary sector. This work includes services such as social prescribing and supporting the city’s primary care networks.

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What is a GP federation?

GP federations are set up to enable a large number of GP practices to work together and share responsibility for delivering high quality, patient-focused services for local communities. This includes developing services specifically to suit local needs. These are more easily commissioned ‘at scale’ across larger geographies with bigger patient populations than individual GP practices.

Federations can also bid to deliver services and contracts which are already part of primary care or could be provided in the future. Working in this way improves the links between practices and other NHS providers, such as hospitals or mental health services. This helps to improve the quality and safety of services for patients.

We provide our members with opportunities for economies of scale and sharing of expertise and resources. This includes minimising duplication of effort on areas practices currently deal with individually. This can include back-office functions, contract procurement, and services or functions that GP practices on their own could not provide.