Primary care networks

Primary care networks (PCNs) consist of general practices working together with a range of local providers. These include services in primary care, social care, and the voluntary and community sector. The aim is to offer more personalised and coordinated health and social care to their local populations.

Each PCN is set up – with between 30,000 and 50,000 patients – to provide care to match the range of needs across the population. This includes flexible access to advice and support for ‘healthier’ sections of the population and joined-up care for those with complex conditions.

Read more about PCNs on the NHS England website.

We provide project management and business admin support for five out of the seven networks in Newcastle. We also host and support clinical director meetings.

In Newcastle, networks are set up as follows (M = NGPS member practice):

Outer West

West End Family Health

Inner West

North Gosforth

Lower Jesmond/Gosforth



Newcastle Medical Centre