Our vision

Our vision for patients

The population will have access to whole life integrated services, at the right time, in the right place, with the right people available to deliver high-quality care. Patients will have a positive experience of care with a decrease in morbidity and a longer good quality of life.

Our vision for practices

General practice is fully supported to respond to the ever-changing local and national challenges while remaining advocates for our local population. Practices will be supported and facilitated to work together in integration with other local providers, to ensure they are empowered, vibrant and happy.

Our objectives

We will focus on delivering high-quality patient care across the member practices ensuring at all times:

  • Clinical effectiveness; quality care is care which is delivered according to the best evidence as to what is clinically effective in improving an individuals health outcomes
  • Patient safety; quality care is care which is delivered to avoid all avoidable harm and risk to the individual’s safety
  • Patient experience; quality care is care which looks to give the individual as positive an experience if receiving and recovering from the care as possible, including being treated according to what that individual wants or needs, and with compassion, dignity, and respect.

In delivering services through local general practices we will ensure we build upon the many strengths of general practice while upholding the traditional values of the NHS.

For more information on our plans for primary care in Newcastle, and how we are working with practices to support them to provide excellent patient care, please contact us.