Our mission and vision

our mission

To lead on strengthening general practice in Newcastle and ensuring the best possible experience for our colleagues and the communities we serve.

Our vision

We will continue to enable the highest possible standards of healthcare to our patients across the city, regardless of circumstance. Our patients will receive a whole-life, integrated service that guarantees the most appropriate, high-quality care at the right time and in the right place, and in so doing reduce health inequalities.

We will support and champion general practices in Newcastle to help them best serve their communities, as well as engendering the spirit of collaboration and engagement at all levels; practice, PCN and citywide, to create a truly integrated health system.

By embracing at-scale working, we will continue to improve and develop the quality services we currently deliver, as well as leading new projects that are beneficial and accessible to patients as well as being fulfilling and rewarding for our staff.

We will place people at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that Newcastle general practice is held up as an exemplar regionally and nationally, and viewed as a progressive, innovative, and high quality healthcare service.

For more information on our plans for primary care in Newcastle, and how we are working with practices to support them to provide excellent patient care, please contact us.